War Photo Limited is an exhibition centre of war and conflict photojournalism situated inside Dubrovnik’s historic old city, spread over 2 floors the 350m2 (3800 sq ft) displays photographic exhibits by world renown photojournalists covering recent and ongoing regional and global conflicts.

It is the intent of War Photo Limited to educate the public in the field of war photography, to expose the myth of war and the intoxication of war, to let people see war as it is, raw, venal, frightening, by focusing on how war inflicts injustices on innocents and combatants alike.

Working hours:

April and October
10 am - 4 pm; 
Tuesday Closed

May - September
Everyday 10 am - 10 pm

November - March

Entrance Fee - Cash & Creditcards
single             50.00 kn
student ID    40.00 kn
10+ (group)  40.00 kn


War Photo Limited
Antuninska 6 - old town  
HR20000 Dubrovnik
T: 020 322 166 - F: 020 322 167