The Metković Natural History Museum was officially opened on 17 July 2015 at the great pride of all the residents of the Neretva River Valley. The permanent exhibition of this museum is presented via techniques of information panels, three-dimensional displays of habitats (dioramas), taxidermy animals in drawers and display cases, and multimedia and audio-visual displays.

The spatial organisation is divided into five rooms and exhibit themes, in a circular layout. The first exhibit in the first room is dedicated to the founder of the Metković Ornithology collection – Dragutin Rucner, and forms the foundation of the museum's permanent exhibition. Besides Rucner's corner, there is also a layout of the Neretva region and multimedia display of five selected localities, with aerial photos and vertical cross-sections of the habitat, and the species found in each part of the cross-section. The geological and biospeleological specificities of the Neretva River Delta are shown in glass panels, and the petrography is visualised through samples of rocks collected from the local quarries.

Through the second, third and fourth rooms, there is a three-dimensional overview of the aquatic and terrestrial habitats of the Neretva River Valley – from the wetlands, reeds and channels, to the longitudinal course of the river, to the rocky grounds and karst funnels, to the forest habitats, anthropogenic settlements and agricultural surfaces. The diorama displays end in the 'airport' scene of the bird migrations, and scenes of wintering birds in the aquatic and terrestrial habitats. These are accompanied by video materials of animal behaviour in specific habitats, the sounds produced by birds and amphibians, a multimedia display of habitat diversity, and the diversity of insects, snails and molluscs in the aquatic and terrestrial habitats of the Neretva River Delta.

The fifth room begins with a display of the ducks and grebes, and is dedicated to the active protection and conservation of the biological diversity of this region, raising awareness of the current threats posed by the commercial use of nature. There is also an interactive corner that aims to stress the importance of systematic bird watching and educating visitors about the reasons for ringing birds. The exhibition ends with attractive short films and questions for children.

Working hours until 1st Oct 2017:

Monday - Saturday  9:00 - 17:00
Sunday  9:00 - 13:00


Metković Natural History Museum
Kralja Zvonimira 4, Metković
TEL: +385 (0)20 690 673