For 50 years the folklore ensamble Linđo has been a living part of Dubrovnik, - the city of stone, sunshine, art, history, tradition and beauty. This amateur group of young dancers between the ages of twelve and above today has 300 members. It was formed in order to keep our tradition and to familiarization people of Dubrovnik with old customs and songs, as well as with overall cultural heritage. 

Linđo is a tradition with a step forward, breathing with our City, in an urban environment and growing over nearly half a century. Our performances, more than 100 a year, portray songs, dances, musical instruments and costumes from our local, distinct and Croatian regions. Since the very beginning the dancers have been dancing in original national costumes of priceless value. The ensamble s wardrobe proudly boasts 1500 original items. 

The richness and colourfulness of traditional costumes, dances and songs together with the smiles and youth of the Linđo performers paints a picture one does not wish to forget and which, inevitably, compels returning to Croatia and Dubrovnik. Linđo has become a milestone, a symbol of the City; - we dare say – The good spirit of Dubrovnik. 

mob: 00385 (0)91 571 79 63
phone: 00385 (0)20 / 324 023
Address: Marojice Kaboge 12


Marojice Kaboge 12
20000 Dubrovnik
OIB: 18793700495