An exquisite atmosphere; a big terrace by the sea, proscuitto, cheese,fish, shellfish, grill; tavern-restaurant ANKORA is located in a beautiful cove only five kilometres from Dubrovnik, in Zaton Veliki.

The terrace is surrounded by the sea, and Levanter of the cove brings the fragrance of wormwood and immortelle, filling the soul and the body with a forgotten scent, taking worry away, caressing with peace and tranquillity. The glow of the sun, the smell of the sea, the taste of salt, the firmness of rock and the politeness of hosts will keep you here long enough to taste everything that is offered from fish, shellfish, risottos and grilled meat prepared traditionally and simply.

Over a glass of home-made wine, prosciutto and cheese stay well until our next encounter.


Address: Na batu b.b.
20235, Zaton Veliki
Tel:+385 20 891-031